Why Finland Has the Best Education System

Though other countries are doing well in the education system, Finland is among the top-rated country with the best education system. other countries have the best musician, economy, political systems -name them! But Finland shines when it comes to the education sector.

It is not only about the high graduation rate. Finland graduates are ranks top in math, reading, and science. So why do you think the education system of Finland is the best?

Here are Finland education system facts that make it shine in the education system:

  • The education system of Finland covers all children

No child is left behind in Finland. The education system covers every child. Whether you come from a royal background or a low-income family, you have a place in Finland’s education system. Right from delivery, the Finland government takes care of you. It supplies a box of baby supplies to every newborn baby in the country.

Their childcare programs have a heavy subside. Most families rush their children to school to benefit from the Finland special education system. Finland’s government fights to ensure every child gets basic proficiency in their study subjects. The program makes made narrowed the achievement rate between the poor and the rich.

  • Leaning under relaxed conditions

Finland children don’t begin education until they are seven years old. Unlike other countries where a child younger than seven years attends classes, the Finish system does not stress a junior’s education until they are ready for it. The Finnish education system does not assign Homework to children until they are in high school.

Their students almost don’t take standardized tests. They only sit for such tests at the end of school.

  • Teachers get more respect

Becoming a teacher in Finland is not easy. Only eight universities are offering a master’s in teaching. The bar is high for choosing teachers for the profession. Only one person out of the ten applicants is accepted in the teaching master’s programs. Teachers in Finland earn respect similar to doctors, lawyers, and engineers. They have a powerful union.

Finish teachers take four hours in class a day and 2hours for professional development. Their remunerations are up to standards. They don’t have to ask for merit pay. Their government understands what a teacher deserves.

  • Teachers focus on quality than quantity

If you need to experience special education in Finland, attend their classes. Teachers believe in giving more quality to learners than quantity. They work with the belief that less is more. They don’t struggle with excess plumbing content into learners’ heads while attending the lectures.

They work with priorities. They go through the syllabus slowly. They are explaining every topic deeply.

  • There are fewer social issues in Finland

Nearly everybody in Finland is middle class. Inequality in income is not a big deal to the Finnish. Almost all the students come to class in good condition and ready to learn.


Finland’s education system is the best! Their government has all the practical strategies to improve the education system for learners, teachers, and parents. The government system ensures that children get the best right from their tender age to their maturity.

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