Proven Ways to Help You Beat Exam Stress

We will share with you the proven scientific tips that will assist you in overcoming examination stress. If you follow through the steps proven by Do My Homework 123 experts, you’ll become way happier, calmer, and a successful student.

Clean your desk and clear the room

The saying goes a cluttered workspace mirror as a disorganized State of Mind. If your area of work is messy, you won’t concentrate as you prepare for your examinations. It means that your brain will not focus because there will be so many distractions that will block you from achieving the optimum concentration that you need for your studies. You’ll have an impaired judgment or ability to think that can later lead to stress. Therefore, you should reduce the clutter in your room and get rid of all the things that you do not need around it. You can also utilize the drawers to store away items that you don’t need since your desk should only have the books and tools that you need to use for your assignment. Ensure that you tidy up your space regularly.

Read an article as part of your leisure time

If you read something that you like or read for pleasure, you can reduce your head’s stress by 68%. You will be more relaxed, and your heart rate will go much lower 2 is all the tension that is currently affecting your muscles. Next time when you feel like you have a lot of pressure within you, pick up something like an article or book and read it for 10 minutes passionately.

Reduce the amount of sugar you consume

Studies have shown that your glands will release cortisol whenever you feel stressed, which is the hormone linked to stress, to manage your condition. However, the hormone affects your blood sugar level, which means that the more sugar you take, the more stressed you will feel. Be careful about what you do after you wake up because the body will automatically set the blood sugar timer, which is best on what you’ll do after getting out of bed. The best tips to help you reduce the amount of sugar you take include:

  • Not skipping breakfast
  • Avoid eating candy or cereals with a high sugar content
  • Avoid drinking drinks with a lot of sugar
  • eat high protein breakfast with oats, peanuts eggs.
  • Eat lots of fruits
  • It happens the adorable amount of fish.

Reduce the use of your phone

Nobody could have thought that using a mobile phone could result in stress. Studies have shown that using mobile phones will increase pressure and negatively impact your physical and general mental health. You should therefore do the following about your phone;

  • Skim through your social media at least once or at most twice a day.
  • Switch off all the notifications
  • Switch off your gadget after 10 in the night or put it on airplane mode.

In case you still face struggles with dealing with your phone, you can download some apps that can help you ignore the mobile, as the forest app.

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