8 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking

Science has contributed to various discoveries in different fields, such as medicine and technology. Science has revolutionized every field of the countries’ developmental agenda. Discoveries have been made in all parts of the world, and people will continue making many other discoveries. The people who study science are called a scientist. They specialize in different fields, including technology and medicine. The current world is looking for solutions because of the worldwide breakup of the coronavirus pandemic. Various medical departments have researched and produced different vaccines for the virus. 

We need to understand the history of science and the people who contributed much to this field. We will discuss Stephen hawking, who contributed much to physics. There are 10 facts about Stephen hawking. He understood the world in complex ways. Many scientists view him as a great icon in physics. The following points explain Stephen Hawking interesting facts. 

1. Stephen believed in Aliens

Stephen Hawking believes that the probability of finding intelligent aliens in around ten years to come is low. He believes that intelligent aliens live somewhere. He also believes that the aliens are dangerous creatures that human beings need to be careful of meeting or contacting them. Hawking notes that aliens could cause harm if they ever visited human beings. He supports that human beings should discover aliens, not human beings should not contact them. 

2. Hawking became a pop-culture icon

Hawking appeared on public shows such as “The big bang theory” to prove his intelligence with dry humor. He disliked having a public persona of his own. The uniqueness of Hawking is felt everywhere, and people remember him through various ways such as video games, movies, and songs. He influenced pop culture. 

3. Hawking was a man who liked betting

He liked making science bets. He was willing to risk on a particular topic concerning physics, such as an argument of the information falling into the black hole being destroyed. He later changed his opinion concerning his argument. 

4. Stephen Hawking was a mediocre student

He never loved going to school and reading. Hawking was an average student, and he never scored high in school. He admitted that he had poor handwriting and was a lazy student. There are many students like Stephen hawking who study very hard but don’t perform very well as expected. Many of his classmates believed that Hawking was drafting his way into greatness. One professor inspired him to work hard.

6. He could row the boats very well

Stephen was in his school’s boat club. He would compete vigorously. Hawking would damage the boats because he would steer the boat through narrow spaces. Hawking liked parties and joked a lot because of his adventurous spirit. 

7. Stephen Hawking was a British

He has a unique sound that acts as his trademark. Hawking was born in England, and he was diagnosed with pneumonia which made him lose his voice and used a computerized program to communicate. The computerized program made him sound like an American.

8. Hawking did not win a Nobel Prize

Hawking was a genius and educated people on various matters, but he never received the highest honors in science. He received twelve honorary degrees and several distinctions in his lifetime.

Hawking inspired many after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease Stephen Hawking never gave up despite the odds. He stood firm, dated, and married. 


These facts about Stephen Hawking prove that he is a great icon to emulate. 

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