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There are lots of education options these days. These options exist all across the country. While the bigger cities have the most opportunity, even residents of smaller cities have some pretty terrific choices when it comes to getting a formal education and getting trained for a future career. That's what this site is all about.

We take the task of educating our kids seriously.

Learning to read is not easy for most children. It's important for parents to be models for their children. Parents should make an effort to read, work with and encourage their child to read each and every day.

College textbooksIt is well documented that children who develop good reading skills early on are more likely to be become early and better learners. Reading is almost always the foundation for success for every other subject matter and can be a determining factor in the education success throughout life.

As a parent, you should make sure your child develops reading skills including:

• Use of language and vocabulary.

• Responding after listening to stories – read short paragraphs and have your child tell you about what they just heard. Discuss with your child what was just read. This helps you monitor their level of comprehension.

• Learn and recognize the alphabet and letters. Use common items around the house for examples.

• Work with your child to connect the sound of letters and how they make words.

• Read often to your child so they understand that reading is a daily activity.

• Work with your child by adding at least one new word to their vocabulary every day.

These skills are essential for the first grade level reader. Once children get to the first grade, the focus turns to building on these skills. This foundation sets the stage for the child as they develop through their school years. Parents should build these skills into their children's daily activities, and actively monitor their children's progress. It is critical to get the reading process off to a good start.

Remember that reading is basically just a skill. And like other skills, it takes practice to become good at it. And with reading being such an important skill, the amount of practice it takes to become proficient at it will take many more hours than they will spend in school. Parents need to make sure their kids spend time reading on a daily basis outside of school. And for home schooling situations, reading will be the daily top priority activity.

Children should be introduced to their library as soon as possible. They can sign up for summer reading programs.

Children enjoy having a special area in the home where they can read by themselves. It can be their own little library. Place a favorite chair where they like to read.

Reading is fundamental to learning, formal education and success at school. Without solid reading skills, students can struggle at school.

Make it a point to build a solid education foundation for your children by making sure that they fall in love with reading at an early age.

So you are going to college -- that's great.

Now, what are you going to major in? It's a pretty difficult decision.

Want a few suggestions? Well, there's fashion designing. The fashion designer field is kind of a tough field to get into, even if you have the right degree. And all the jobs are in big cities. But it might be a good choice.

There's always graphic design. In order to succeed in this field, you should have some decent art chops. If you aren't very creative, being a design professional for three decades might be pretty difficult.

Another major that doesn't see a lot of enrollees is interior design. Finding a school that offers an interior design diploma is one of the hard parts. Not many schools offer this type of degree. Most interior design professionals have some type of design or art degree. But a lot of what they need to know to succeed in their job they will learn outside of their major.

There are lots of secondary education options in Canada that a lot of students in America don't consider. Many of these universities are located close to the Canada/US border, so they offer some great opportunities. Read more about these options.

Some students want to go to professional school, such as law or medicine, so their first four years and their bachelor's degree is just a starting point. Three years of law school are difficult, they are manageable as long as you can commit to studying every day and you really dedicate yourself to earning your law degree. Having a law degree can open up a lot of doors during your career, you don't have to end up being a lawyer at a large firm. There are plenty of good options for people with a law diploma.